Report Interference or Harassment While Breastfeeding in Public in Kentucky

Your story is critical to continuing the battle to improve the rights of Mothers in Kentucky to breastfeed in public. Powerful, effective storytelling can move everyone from lawmakers, community leaders, and neighbors to take action. Use your story to hold business owners accountable, inspire legislators to pass better legislation, and inspire support among community members.

Important Information: Please keep in mind that your story will only be shared with your permission. It may appear in various news outlets, legislative meetings and hearings, or otherwise may be shared in public. Please take care and note that personal identifiers (other than your name), such as unique or specific details can be used to identify you. Please refrain from identifying other individuals when telling your story.

Sharing your story is up to you. Although stories about personal experiences of being interfered with while breastfeeding in public work help us to educate offenders, regardless of ability to share your story, the Lactation Improvement Network of Kentucky will continue to work towards protecting the rights of Moms to breastfeed in public.