Kentucky Ranks 6th Highest for Birth Kangaroo Care!

s2sAccording to the newly released mPINC Survey results from 2013, Kentucky ranks 6th highest for Skin-to-Skin contact or birth Kangaroo Care by placing newborns in KC with their mothers immediately after birth, with nothing between them except a diaper, providing uninterrupted time for breastfeeding to begin naturally in the delivery room. The mPINC Survey is conducted every two years by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to collect data from birthing hospitals nationwide on maternity care practices and policies related to breastfeeding support.   Kentucky also ranks 12th highest for birth KC for mothers delivering their babies by C-section.   Forty-four KY birthing hospitals completed the 2013 survey.

Skin-to-skin contact for vaginal and c-section births are just 2 of the many questions in the mPINC survey. All of the questions gather information about the hospital practices that can either support or hinder a mother in her decision to breastfeed her baby. In a sense, the mPINC survey measures how “baby friendly” the birthing hospital is.

LINK congratulates the Commonwealth of Kentucky in achieving such a great improvement in supporting breastfeeding in our birthing hospitals!